Pricing for Slide and Negative Scanning

  • Bulk Slide Scanning

    We can scan slides and negatives to proserve your family's history. Each slide is scanned at 2000 dpi and recorded invividually on the DVD. Your may then use these images to create albums, books, prints or any other use. We can produce a DVD slideshow for you to view your images on most DVD players. Slides in Kodak slide trays are less expensive to scan and many people already have them in trays. If not, we can load your slides into Kodak tray for the scanning process for a nominal charge. If you would rather load the slides yourself, we will be happy to loan you the Kodak trays and let you decide the order and take your time. If you want to prepare your images by placing them in a particular order, we will be happy to maintain that order when scanned. Orders for Prints, Slides and Negatives can be combined on your DVD.

  • Slides Scanned to DVD

    Show Preparation Charge $30.00

    • $0.25 each

      Slides in 2x2 mounts in Kodak Trays

    • $0.50 each

      Slides loose or in non-Kodak trays

    • $3.00 each

      Less than 20 B&W Negatives any size,loose or in strips

    • $2.00 each

      20 or More Same-size B&W negatives- Will discount Larger quantities

    • $1.00 each

      Slides in other than 2x2 mounts

    • $3.00 each

      Less than 20 Color Negatives any size,loose or in strips- Discount for larger quantities


    We Care About Your Memories

    Your family's photo and movie history is one of your most important posessions. Preserving this rich photographic history is our specialty. We digitize all your photos and movies to computer-readable DVD's so your history can be duplicated and passed on to the future with ease. They're fun to watch and valuable to preserve. Your family's story makes a great gift.