Return Your Family's Damaged Photos to their Original Beauty

  • Damaged Photos Repaired

    Save your family before it’s too late!!!

    Your color and many black and white pictures will begin to disappear within your lifetime. Each picture is a one-of-a-kind treasure to many family members. If it is lost, it is lost for your children and all their children in the future. Copying and restoring now will preserve the best details so that everyone can have a share of your family heritage. All work is performed on site so your original is never mailed or shipped to another location.

    Just a Copy starts at $14.95

    to scan a print size 8”x 10” or smaller and get you a print 8”x 10” or smaller. If your original print is larger, or if you want a copy larger than 8“ x 10”, the prices will be a little more. We can scan prints as large as 20” x 24” and make prints as large as 24“ x 30” (price increases with size). We can also scan large negatives and slides at a high resolution and get you good prints.

    Normal copying can loose quality.

    However, our copy techniques help bring out as many of the faded details as possible. Your original is carefuly digitized using high resolution scanners. Scanning is a very critical first step and many problems in your original can be corrected using professional scanning techniques. Straight copies can be printed in pure black and white values, brown tones, or preserving the aged tones of your original.

    Restoring Faded Images.

    Many old photographs have yellowed or have faded so much that details are only faintly visible. We have methods of working with the remaining details in your original photo and enhancing them, often surprising customers with the restoration of beautiful details.

    Restoring Damaged Prints.

    When your photograph has had a rough life, we can help it look much better. Creases, tears, and missing pieces can be recreated using the details that are available in the original photo. We strive to make our “repairs” blend in so that your photograph looks almost as good as new.

    Restoring Lost Color

    Some of your favorite color photographs were damaged from the start - they have streaks of color, poor exposure, or may have been taken in shadows. And because they were shot on film, you didn’t know there were problems until the pictures came back days later. Meanwhile, they can never be replaced. These can be made better with careful reconstruction of the color layers.

    How big can we enlarge your print?

    We have successfully enlarged some 4”x 6” prints to as large as 16”x 20”. However, a lot depends on the sharpness of your original photograph. Some photographs do get “fuzzy” as they get bigger. We will be glad to look at your photograph and make recommendations.

    Basic restoration

    The actual digital work to fix your print starts at $60. When we see your original we will be glad to give you an accurate quote to complete the work. You pay for the restoration just once. Then copy prints are priced separately depending on how many copies you want and what sizes. An 8”x 10” is $11.95 for the first one and $10 for each aditional copy. Two 5“ x 7” prints are $11.95.

    Complex and Extreme Restorations

    are available for pictures severely torn and damaged, stuck together, missing pieces, surface peeling off, or needing major color problems fixed. These fixes start at $120 and increase for more extensive damage.

    Vacation snapshots

    you would like made into art? Bring in your digital file or photo and we would be glad to let you watch as we use Photoshop and other graphics programs to bring your snapshot to life. Good digital files can be printed as large as 30” x 40.” or even 50” x 70” in panels.