Convert your Family's Recorded memories to DVD or ThumbDrive.

  • Video Tape Can Fade Too!

    Even Video tape can "fade". When stored around low-level magnetic fields such as those produced by TV's and other electronics, video tape can gradually be erased. Transfer your family's collection of home movies to DVD so they can be preserved for generations. We will record each tape directly onto DVD with each tape listed in the beginning menu of the DVD. DVD's can hold up to 6 hours of movie, so we can usually fit several tapes onto one DVD, depending upon the length of the tapes.

  • VHS, 8mm Tape, Hi-8, and MiniDV, Beta Tape Conversion

    • $30.00 first tape

      For tapes up to 6 HRs in length.

    • $12.00 each

      Each tape up to 2 HRs after the first tape, up to a total of 6 Hours.

    • $5.00 each

      Tape Cassette repair

    • $1.00 each

      Tape titles as requested


    Welcome to Family Photo

    Your family's photo and movie history is one of your most important posessions. Preserving this rich photographic history is our specialty. We digitize all your photos and movies to computer-readable DVD's so your history can be duplicated and passed on to the future with ease. They're fun to watch and valuable to preserve. Your family's story makes a great gift.