Pricing for 8mm and 16mm Film Movies to DVD

  • 8mm Film Movies to DVD

    Why mess with that old projector and $30 bulbs! Let Family Photo digitize your family's film movies to DVD where they can be copies and passed around the family for generations to come. We have specially manufactured "projectors" that image your movie directly to an electronic form to avoid the loss in quality that comes from "taping" the movie projected on a wall or screen. We can also do some image improvement so your movies can look much better. Movies on film fade with time and storage conditions so it's better to transfer them as soon as possible, while they are in better shape. Your movies can be on standard 3" reels (50 ft ) or spliced onto larger reels with 200, 400, and 600 FT lengths.We will digitize your movies and return them to you. Your DVD will play in most recent DVD players. IF you want your movies in a particular order, we will be happy to keep them in that order. If you need your movies in other media formats, we can provide them in a variety of common formats. We provide a title section to the beginningof your movie at no charge. Additional titles and captions are available at other points in your movie as requested, for a small charge.

  • Film Movies to DVD

    • Base Charge $30

      $0.17 per foot

      Reg 8mm or Super 8mm film movies
      A standard 3" reel has about 50 ft. of film, larger reels are usually marked with the length on the side of the reel. We canot record sound with Super8mm Sound movies.

    • Base Charge $30

      $0.22 per foot

      16mm silent film movies

    • $0.28 per foot

      16mm Sound (magnetic or optical ) Movies


    We Care about Your Memories

    We do all our photo archiving in our store so you precious family memories are NEVER shipped anywhere for production. We know that your memories are irreplacable and we take the utmost care with your film and photos. Our specialized equipment is specially made to transfer film movies to digital form so you are assured of the best quality for your movies. Your movies are delivered on a non-copyright protected form so that you can re-edit them anytime later to make your own custom movies for special occaisions. We will also be happy to re-edit, crop, and recombine your photos and videos into custom production for birthdays, memorials, and other uses.