8mm to dvd High Quality Transfers of Home Movies from Film to DVD
photo scanningSlideshows to Just Watch or Archives to Use in Other Projects
vhs to dvdVideo Tape Can Fade Too! Transfer Them to DVD Today
photo restorationRestore Your Damaged Photos to Their Original Beauty

photo scanning-shoebox-scans

Print Scanning

Our HighSpeed Kodak scanner makes scanning 100's and 1000's of photos at a time affordable. Imagine scanning hundreds of photos at home at about a minute a piece ( and that's if your really working at it ! )

slides to dvd

Slides and Negatives

Why mess with a projector and $30 bulbs when you can view your slide collection on DVD? And printing from old negatives is VERY DIFFICULT to have done these days, let us convert them to digital images for DVD.


Slide Shows

When you want to make a special moment for a celebration or even a memorial, let us produce a video with emotion for your event. For parties, graduations, reunions, and Memorials, we can be fun or tasteful and everyone will be moved.

preserving ALL your family's photos

Your family's photo and movie history is one of your most important posessions. Preserving this rich photographic history is our specialty. We digitize all your photos and movies to computer-readable DVD's so your history can be duplicated and passed on to the future with ease. They're fun to watch and valuable to preserve. Your family's story makes a great gift.

We've Moved !

Family Photo has moved to a new location. Our new Studios will be at the Coulter Forum Center at New Location Coming. We have enjoyed our time at our I-40 Location but Casey Carpets has made us an offer we can't refuse. We look forward to serving all our customers at the Coulter Fourm Shopping Center. We have all our regular services and products and also our new Outdoor Sessions. See the map on our home page for directions to Family Photo.