Pricing for Print Scanning

  • Bulk Print Scanning

    We can scan photos and other documents ( marriage licenses, newspaper articles, etc. ) to proserve your family's history. Each photo is scanned at 300 or 600 dpi and recorded invividually on the DVD or Thumbdrive. Your may then use these images to create albums, books, prints or any other use. We can produce a DVD slideshow for you to view your images on most DVD players for an extra $10 instead of the Data-DVD. Prints must be between 2x3 and 5x7 inches in size, loose and flexible. Prints in album pages will not feed properly in our scanner.Prints larger than 5v7, or smaller than 2x3 can be hand-scanned and inserted into your photo archive. Prints mounted on a hard material can also be hand-scanned for a small extra charge. If you want to prepare your images by placing them in a particular order, we will be happy to maintain that order when scanned.

  • 400 Prints Scanned to Data-DVD or Thumbdrive

    • $69.95

      First 400 prints scanned to Data-DVD or Thumbdrive at 300 DPI

    • $89.95

      First 400 prints scanned to Data-DVD or Thumbdrive at 600 DPI

    • $25.00

      Slide show when purchased with the DVD above

    • $0.10 / $0.12 each

      Each Additional print scanned after 400 at 300/600 DPI

    • $0.50 each

      Print scanning for smaller than 2x3 inches in a bulk scan order.

    • $1.00 each

      Hand-scanning large or mounted prints up to 8.5x11 with a bulk scan order.

  • Welcome to Family Photo

    Your family's photo and movie history is one of your most important posessions. Preserving this rich photographic history is our specialty. We digitize all your photos and movies to computer-readable DVD's so your history can be duplicated and passed on to the future with ease. They're fun to watch and valuable to preserve. Your family's story makes a great gift.